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Ken Bauer Associate Professor of Computing Science at the Tecnológico de Monterrey in Guadalajara.

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I had to reset Aurelia's Android phone and copying files (WhatsApp directory) back to the phone over MTP was *slow*. adb to the rescue!

Homebrew Website Club - Guadalajara - Meeting #001

2 min read


We had a good start with seven participants at our first meeting at the Tecnológico de Monterrey in Guadalajara.

The original calendar event for this meeting.

Ken gave a general overview of the idea of the meetinngs, each member shared where they were and what they would like to do in the near future. Ken arrived around 5pm to ensure we had a space reserved on the patio of the library and the rest trickled in between 5:30pm and 6:45pm. Remember you can just drop in but we would always appreciate if you let us know that you are coming to a meeting.

For the introduction, Ken pointed out the following historical links:

For a general description of what the Homebrew Website Club is, see the wiki page


Next Meeting

We plan to hold the next meeting on Wednesday April 3, 2019 at the same location and time. See the main IndieWeb HWBC page for more details at the Guadalajara entry.

Photos from the meeting

Raul, Manlio, Fernando R,, Ken, Alejandro, Miguel, Fernando G.

Seven Participants: Raul, Manlio, Fernando R,, Ken, Alejandro, Miguel, Fernando G.

Early bird arrivals

Early bird arrivals: Alejandro, Manlio, Fernando R, Ken

Currently talking to my class about .

Pending task for my current courses, setup a "Random" button like I did in the past.
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So I just found out about the @withknown "Known - Open Collective" this morning. Putting in my support now. Keep up the great work @benwerd This is very much appreciated and I am looking into becoming active on the project.

Testing to Mastodon. Did the big update break that as @jgmac1106 reported?

Changes to @WithKnown Shout out to @mapkyca for the post and tutorial. This was actually easy, this of course is my test update to check that all is good. Backups made first of course!

A Critical Gradebook

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Esther's Gradebook, flickr photo by Cat Sidh, shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

(Esther's Gradebook flickr photo by Cat Sidh shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license)

Back in 2015 I made a switch to a  via FeedWordPress. The plumbing of how to do this was all thanks to the genius of our good friend Alan Levine. Check out Alan's multi-post series "Feed WordPress 101: Installing and Setting Up The Machine" which gives you all the details on how to set this up. You can also go back to my post in January 2015 when I started this adventure "A New Semester, A New Year".

While digging up links to include in that background I found this post ("Conversation with Alan Levine, Pedagogical Technologist") with a video courtesy of Howard Rheingold interviewing Alan in 2014 about connected learning. This leads to the deeper history including the work of Martha Burtis, Jim GroomGardner Campbell and the amazing DS106 project/experience/cult and Domain of One's Own. I also shall not fail to give a glove tap to another colleague and friend who inspired and continues to inspire me in this area: Brian Lamb.

Conversation with Alan Levine, Pedagogical Technologist from Connected Learning Alliance on Vimeo.

The Inspiration

Earlier today I caught the end of a conversation on Twitter focused around the work of Laura Gibbs and her use (and struggles) with the gradebook in Canvas LMS.

This quick burst of tweets gave me the spark to bring back a project that I was working on back in 2016 to write my own WordPress plugin to create a gradebook inside of my course tools. One of the few missing pieces while using WordPress as my platform for my courses was that "comfort" of a gradebook to ease what can be an anxious part of students' lives: "but what is my grade going to be"?  That plugin was a total hack and I quickly abandoned it.

Now, astute readers will be asking: "Grades, you don't do grades anymore Ken"! Well, that is a work in progress still and I am finding the right balance of scaffolding to provide the best learning environment for my students.

You could look back on my previous posts on which was originally inspired posthumously by the work of Joe Bower. The most popular post on my blog by far talks of my first semester implementing this and is titled "Teaching Evaluation Comments: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly ".

The Plan

So I setup a GitHub board (criticalgradebook) and a GitHub repository (again, criticalgradebook) where I plan to build this tool. I'm putting out a call to anyone who would like to help define/design this. Perhaps we could setup a video call to discuss and hash out some ideas soon.

If you are interested, please contact me. I can easily add you to the GitHub board and repository and welcome any other input through any channel that works for you.


Israel, a truly inspirational professor

3 min read


A few years ago I went through the process of an application to be recognized as one of the inspirational professors so I know what this process is about. I was not selected and recognize the amazing competition that we have among our colleagues at the Tecnológico de Monterrey. We have incredible educators in our hallways and they should be recognized.

Israel leading class

First Contact

I first met Israel Vizcarra Varela in the summer of 2017 when we were planning our first Semester-i for the computing department. This was a new experience for a team which was dominated by professors in computing (all but Israel) and all but one (again Israel) were full-time professors on our campus. I can honestly say that I enjoyed working with Israel that semester and found inspiration in his approach to teaching, the way he connects with his students and his full grasp of his discipline. I found myself asking him for his opinion on my approaches and we developed an excellent working relationship during that semester which was an award  winning project.

Israel (together with Yolanda Cham, Claudia Aguayo and myself) collaborated on a submission to the Ashoka U Innovation Award 2018 which was presented at the Ashoka U Exchange 2018 and was awarded as a 2018 Innovation Award Semi-Finalist and the work was presented by Yolanda in Boston at the event in the session "Maximizing Student Engagement: Best Practices & Lessons Learned". I include the video below of the submission for the award. The link to the video is in the references at the bottom. Take time to watch this video and the inspiration visible in the faces of our students and the students who were the recipients of their math learning games.


Collaboration Continues

Israel worked together with myself on two other Semester-i implementations during January-May 2018 and August-December 2018. Each of these instances were distinct but the profesional manner and charisma that is evident in Israel continued with each group. It was a pleasure to work with Israel and he maintained a leadership role (again despite being the "outsider" as a non-computing professor) as he and I were the only constants across all three versions (so far) of Semester-i for our computing department on campus.

Again, I know the process of applying for this award and know personally some of the winners and their amazing work at our institution. The first episode (and only one since we really need to record more) of our "Profesor Tec21" podcast was with a past winner, Luis Humberto González Guerra. Having experienced the process of applying myself, seeing the competition of the amazing faculty at our institution and having worked personally with Israel over the past two years I can without reservation give my strong recommendation for Israel as an candidate for the award of "Profesor Inspirador" at the Tecnológico de Monterrey.

This is my first semester (January - May 2019) not working directly with Israel since that first contact and I truly miss working with him directly.

Reference links

  1. Ashoka U Innovation Award 2018 video submission can be found at
  2. Link to announcement as an Ashoka U Innovation Award 2018 Semi-Finalist:
  3. Photos courtesy of Yolanda Cham and myself on our Flickr Feeds at and

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