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Ken Bauer Associate Professor of Computing Science at the Tecnológico de Monterrey in Guadalajara.

See H-Card at IndieWeb for more info about this.

Click the "Filter Content" above to filter and see "other posts". The default posts on the main page are set to posts/photos/audio.

For my previous blog posts, got to my blog page linked below (March 2013 - Feb 2019).




I had to reset Aurelia's Android phone and copying files (WhatsApp directory) back to the phone over MTP was *slow*. adb to the rescue!

Currently talking to my class about .

Pending task for my current courses, setup a "Random" button like I did in the past.
Details at

So I just found out about the @withknown "Known - Open Collective" this morning. Putting in my support now. Keep up the great work @benwerd This is very much appreciated and I am looking into becoming active on the project.

Testing to Mastodon. Did the big update break that as @jgmac1106 reported?

Changes to @WithKnown Shout out to @mapkyca for the post and tutorial. This was actually easy, this of course is my test update to check that all is good. Backups made first of course!

Oh. Bridgy brings things back, I still need the Twitter plugin to send out (I think).

This is another test status update. Checking the Mastodon plugni.

This is a followup to
Posting this via the Twitter plugin on my self-installed @withknown instance.

The image web mention of that Tweet auto-displays in the editor, nice.

This is a test push of a post from my new @WithKnown installation to LinkedIn.
To add some content here, you can read my recent post about at