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Working on setting up blog on self-hosted WP. Looking for advice on single blog for all courses vs multi, etc. Feel free to comment.


Working on setting up Twitter hashtag analysis for thanks @bennettscience Info at


AquĆ­ con Gerardo hablando sobre medios sociales en el salon @TecDeMty @Tec21


Hey @withknown, I enabled public comments on my hosted site but don't see anything showing up, am I missing something?


Just queuing this up, I think this will match what my plan is for next semester @courosa


Template for what I want to create at @TecDeMty courtesy of @jimgroom


I can still be amazed by how great Twitter is for educators. How else would I find great work by @jimgroom and @brlamb ? @TecDeMty


Great list here, I am adding to my information for Ss Thanks @eric_mazur for the link


Reminder to self about how to clean out git repositories of their large files:


Just a quick note to keep a link to my talks in .