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Husband, dad to 3. Flipped Learning Evangelist, learning leader (@TecDeMty), Canadian in Mexico, Oilers fan, cook, nerd.


Still no network or phone here Izzi telecom I phoned customer support at 01-800-120-5000 twice this morning. I have audio recordings of both. On the first call, I was never answered but immediately shuffled to the post-call survey. Uh, yeah.
Second call I was answered and informed that the Izzi support system is down so they can't even attend the support request. I noted the time, informed the support person that I was recording (he said "no problem") and was asked to call again in 2 hours.


Testing another push to FB, Twitter and Linkedin from @withknown


Time to start posting from here again. I'm going to attempt to push my longer posts out to at least Facebook and LinkedIn from here.


Great post by @benwerd "The early Internet was designed to be resilient: the opposite of the giant siloed stacks we now pour all of our content and conversations into."


You can choose to post to other places while posting. like @Twitter


Hey, talking again about @withknown here in class


And Boom! 3 classes complete this morning @TecDeMty


Here is my class with students telling them how cool @withknown is. @TecDeMty


In class with my students. Cool stuff, demo of @withknown


Thanks to @andycullison for his post on plugins for using @WordPress in LMS mode.