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Photos overhaul

2 min read

So I have been putting off organizing my photo collection for about 4 years. I have lots of photos and keep importing them into my setup of Picasa 3 Desktop on a Windows machine at home which I moved to from iPhoto a year ago.

I need to clean it up and plan to get that started this summer.

Here is the plan I have:

Then I will move the photos to my Linux partition:

  • digiKam seems like the best option for library management, face recogniton and a mature application
  • darktable looks really nice for raw import and image manipulation but doesn't seem strong from a library management point of view
  • My main computing environment really is Linux and has been for decades, I trust it more and all of my productivity tools work best here.
  • Setup sync to Google Photos and Flickr.  I'm not decided where I want my online backups and currently use a combination of this for "backup" (I do have physical drive backups in multiple locations).  I currently use a hacked setup of Dropbox autosync from multiple mobile devices which I import every week or so into Picasa to get them into the main library (then wipe from Dropbox, rinse-repeat)




Friday Coffee

Friday Coffee

Happy Friday everyone, this coffee mug from OOPSLA 1998, thanks @bjorn_fb


Blog Redesign

1 min read

So I have moved to Jekyll to generate a static site and in a sense "take back my site".

Currently I am using a fork of the Mediator theme which Audrey Watters uses on her blog.

The plan is to switch to this


Mac Reinstall

1 min read

Going for an Arch/Yosemite install this time, MacOS pretty much just for Camtasia.

Useful links:

So far so good.

Notes for shared home/Users partition

Notes for power and more:

 Encrypted Storage external drive (I plan to move to smaller SSD internal soon):


New USB/DVD version

1 min read

Note to self about steps for creating new DVD version.

  • unsquashfs
  • modify files (in our case this time was /etc/init.d/rules to modify firewall rules)
  • mksquashfs
  • replace the squashed filesystem on usb/dvd
  • update md5sum.txt
  • burn

DVD specific notes

  • use rsync to get copy of current version of dvd in filesystem (say in examcdfiles)
  • do the above steps to replace squashfs and md5sum
  • make sure persistance file is not on DVD
  • sudo mkisofs -b isolinux/isolinux.bin -c isolinux/ -o exammar2015.iso -no-emul-boot -boot-load-size 4 -boot-info-table -J -r -T -A "KenExamLinux" examcdfiles/
  • sudo wodim -v dev=/dev/cdrom speed=8 -eject /home/kenbauer/exammar2015.iso

Boot and enjoy.


Great post by @benwerd "The early Internet was designed to be resilient: the opposite of the giant siloed stacks we now pour all of our content and conversations into."


Example Assignment Submission #mastery03

1 min read

So, for an assignment, post your stuff here. Include pictures, embed your videos or whatever. Maybe link to sourcecode on GitHub (or Dropbox) or just put the code inline here.

Now, so we know what assignment this is, TAG it
The tag can go in the title of the body, but I would just put it in both.

Like this, say for we would tag it like that and include all the stuff about the assignment in this post.

My Twitter is @ken_bauer
My GitHub is kenwbauer


You can choose to post to other places while posting. like @Twitter


Hey, talking again about @withknown here in class