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Testing for TI2011

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Random text and stuff




Still no network or phone here Izzi telecom I phoned customer support at 01-800-120-5000 twice this morning. I have audio recordings of both. On the first call, I was never answered but immediately shuffled to the post-call survey. Uh, yeah.
Second call I was answered and informed that the Izzi support system is down so they can't even attend the support request. I noted the time, informed the support person that I was recording (he said "no problem") and was asked to call again in 2 hours.


Testing another push to FB, Twitter and Linkedin from @withknown


Time to start posting from here again. I'm going to attempt to push my longer posts out to at least Facebook and LinkedIn from here.


Links for Querétaro Workshop

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Revolutionize Education Derek Muller

What is and why do we want Open Educational Resources (OER)?

Let's talk about MOOCS

Conferences (like OER15)

Reclaiming Innovation (Groom and Lamb)

The five star scale of OER

Creative Commons Licenses

Other Licenses

Finding, using and crediting OER

Social Media Links


How to publish, what format and where?


Fear and Desire

General references


Random links from my Workshop in Morelia

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Just random links to save them somewhere. I want to embed these later at

I put out a request for links about getting started on Twitter, thanks to my Tweeps for great replies:

Links Shared

Other Links shared in session

The video I showed during the session. First link is the one I used, second is another I mentioned that you should watch.

More George Couros, follow his work!

Not really about this workshop, but please go read this open book by Martin Weller

Making Videos/Screencasts

Random Tools for your Classroom




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communicataenabler, noun. Definition to be determined but read below.

So our daily try for June 18, 2015 is to "Coin Your Own Dackolupatoni Grain of Internet Sand", see the post at the excerpt is at the end of this post:

flickr photo by Will Lion <a href= shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC-ND) license" width="512" height="342" />

flickr photo by Will Lion shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC-ND) license

I was actually thinking about what I really like to do in this realm of community and education. I like to think that I can be a catalyst to create community; not just within my classroom as a computer science professor but also in the work that I am engaging in more over the past two years as a leader of my local colleagues at the Tecnológico de Monterrey as well as abroad via the courses I am offering openly online.

But then I was thinking that what I really want to do is enable others to be that catalyst and enable them to create communities.

So communicataenabler seems to fit the bill just nicely.

Here is the excerpt from the Daily Try #23

A few years ago, Jon Udell visited a class at Virginia Tech taught by Gardner Campbell. A student posed an interesting question about what would happen if she blogged about a word for which there was no search results:

I’m going to completely admit that before this class I knew absolutely nothing about the WWW and Internet infrastructure. And honestly, it still confuses me. Who knew that the web and the Internet were different things? I thought they were simply interchangeable words, synonyms that could be looked up on Microsoft word. But they are different and when to my surprise when I click on Internet, there are no synonyms for it. It is it’s own thing. Which brings us to what Jon Udell was saying in class. When it comes to the World Wide Web, our imagination is our only limit. We decide what we want to make. Who we want to share it with and what we want it to mean. Take words for example. Dackolupatoni: when you Google that, nothing comes up. But here is our experiment. Let’s search it in a few hours and probably this will come up. Which is recursion. And then that person can be linked to this. And it goes on and on. Now isn’t that cool?

Create your own word for which there are no synonyms nor results found in search engines. Then maybe come back in a few days and see what happens.






Spinning up another clMOOC

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So I am going to offer the clMOOC on Flipped Learning again. Some notes:

  • running at ReclaimHosting
  • WordPress mostly cloned from previous site, trying to remove any not-needed plugins
  • Using FeedWordPress again and would like to feed comments and tweets this time

Tools links:



Dipping into Photography

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I take quite a few pictures and keep an archive (that needs cleaning).

I want to get a better camera, shoot raw and do some digital photography geekery.

Raj recommended the Fujifilm X-A2 as a good camera fitting my budget.

 Since my new camera budget will be held back for a bit (news later), I'm going to try playing with RAW mode on my Canon S5 is again.

Using CHDK: