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Photos overhaul

2 min read

So I have been putting off organizing my photo collection for about 4 years. I have lots of photos and keep importing them into my setup of Picasa 3 Desktop on a Windows machine at home which I moved to from iPhoto a year ago.

I need to clean it up and plan to get that started this summer.

Here is the plan I have:

Then I will move the photos to my Linux partition:

  • digiKam seems like the best option for library management, face recogniton and a mature application
  • darktable looks really nice for raw import and image manipulation but doesn't seem strong from a library management point of view
  • My main computing environment really is Linux and has been for decades, I trust it more and all of my productivity tools work best here.
  • Setup sync to Google Photos and Flickr.  I'm not decided where I want my online backups and currently use a combination of this for "backup" (I do have physical drive backups in multiple locations).  I currently use a hacked setup of Dropbox autosync from multiple mobile devices which I import every week or so into Picasa to get them into the main library (then wipe from Dropbox, rinse-repeat)